Reliable supplier of door systems

ELMESY is a purely Czech company founded in 2009. We are a major supplier in the field of transport technology. We develop, manufacture and service door systems for trams, trains, metro and other public transport vehicles. We are a manufacturer and supplier of individual components, such as control units, traction gear couplings and components according to customer design requirements. We participate in the modernization of vehicles; we make their modifications according to new regulations and standards.

Our projects are based on a strong development and design department. Thanks to our engineers and designers we regularly bring new solutions to the market. We consider close cooperation with the customer as a necessary condition for understanding their needs. We are able to offer a quality and reliable product. 

We contribute to the comfort and safety of travel

We can do specific solutions according to customer requirements

We provide comprehensive service and maintenance of door systems​

Our own development, testing and production is the basis of the reliability of our door systems

Our orders are characterised by speed and flexibility