Transport technology innovations are determined by our own development

We have our own development centre, design department and test room for long-term and operational testing.

Developement centre

Our research and development centre is engaged in the development of electrical and mechanical parts of door systems for public transport vehicles. We develop complete door systems, also according to individual customer requirements.

The centre is equipped with the latest technology and software. An experienced and professional team of engineers and designers actively develops innovations and new solutions for the transport market.

  • development of door drives
  • development and design of door leaves
  • development of control units
  • diagnostics
  • 3D design of components and assemblies
  • calculations and simulations
  • printing on 3D printer
  • prototype production
Test room

The design solution is verified by calculations and testing in our test room. We test both components and complete door systems cyclically on test stands. As closely as possible, we simulate real operation with continuous evaluation of results and changes of the tested products. This is an integral part of product development and an indicator of the reliability and durability of our products. We also pass the results from the test room to the certification bodies whose approval is necessary for the product.

  • testing of door systems – closing force measurement according to EN14752
  • cyclic tests
  • 3D measurement