We develop and manufacture complete ranges of door systems

We place emphasis on system reliability, simple assembly and service, operator comfort and above all passenger safety. The door systems consist of door drives, door leaves, control unit and other structural elements. Development and design of the mechanical and electrical part of the system takes place in our in-house development centre.

Door system solutions comply with:

  • the requirements of EN 14752 and other railway standards
  • up-to-date certification and approval
  • maximised comfort od operation
  • system reliability
  • passenger safety
  • easy installation and servicing
  • individual requirements of vehicle manufacturers and operators



Door control

We offer door control units complying with EN 50155 standards for door system control. The DCUs have been developed and tested for all types of door systems. The main criteria in the development of door control units are safety, user-friendly diagnostics and the possibility to store statistics of door operation. 

The easy-to-use diagnostics of events and faults in real time and the possibility of connecting a service device ensure simple and fast servicing of the DCUs. 

Depending on the configuration and the customer’s requirements, the DCUs can be extended with CAN or ETHERNET communication interface.

Technical destription:

  • operating voltage 24 VDC
  • short-circuit and overload resistant outputs
  • door control using feedback with adaptive control function
  • inputs for connecting safety elements such as photoelectric sensors and safety edges
  • communication with the carriage via the CAN or ETHERNET interface

Units with the CAN bus connectivity support full door control via CAN, allowing remote diagnostics, parameterization and software reprogramming.


Sliding plug door systems for trams

Boarding electromechanical door system designed for trams. The door leaves in the closed position are mating with the side of the vehicle and when opening, the door leaves first open forward and then slide along the vehicle body. This door system is available in a single leaved or double leaved design.

Advantages of the solution:

  • easy installation and servicing
  • door drive width matching the door portal
  • two options of door leaves – aluminium frame or full glass 
  • door leaves with LED optical signalling

Swing out and swing in door systems for trams

The door system is designed for the modernisation of existing rail vehicles, but also for new vehicles in which the door leaves are actuated by a rotary shaft. With this type of drive, it is possible to actuate folding, swing in and swing out doors. 

Advantages of the solution:

  • reliable and proven design of the door drive based on the principle of locking the control levers in dead position
  • easy installation on existing door types with the possibility of retaining the original door leaves and rotary shafts 
  • wide range of accessories
  • fully electronic control 


Sliding door system for metro

Electromechanical sliding door system designed for metro vehicles. It meets the most strict requirements for passenger safety, reliability and comfort of operation. This door system consists of a double leaved electromechanical drive, door leaves, door control unit, emergency release and other accessories.

Advantages of the solution:

  • high reliability of the sliding system
  • variability of operating parameter settings and event monitoring
  • electric drive with feedback function ensuring smooth door movement


Intercarriage gangway sliding door systems

Intercarriage gangway sliding electromechanical door system designed for passage of passengers between railway carriages. Designed based on the sliding door system with the possibility to replace pneumatic door systems. This door system consists of an electromechanical drive, door leaves, door control unit and accessories.

Advantages of the solution:

  • simple and reliable system 
  • fully replaces pneumatic door systems

Sliding door systems for trains

Boarding door system designed for regional and commuter trains. The system can be electromechanical or electropneumatic. The door system is available in a single leaved or double leaved version as cargo loading doors in passenger rail transport.

Advantages of the solution:

  • reliability and comfort of operation
  • easy installation and servicing
  • electric or pneumatic drive for door movement 

Interior door systems

Interior sliding electromechanical doors serve to separate the boarding area of the carriage from the seating area. They consist of a single leaved electromechanical drive, door leaf, door control unit and accessories.

Advantages of the solution:

  • reliability and comfort of operation
  • closing and opening of the door with push button located in the sidewall or automatically by an optical sensor
  • passenger protection against gripping even without safety contact edge