Your design requirements, our solutions

Our in-house development department for electrical and mechanical parts of door systems uses modern facilities and our own testing facility. We can therefore flexibly and quickly respond to specific customer requirements. 

Our expertise and many years of experience are then reflected in individual solutions, but also mutual technical consultations on projects. We are a professional partner and technical support for our clients, manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles. 

We always emphasize the latest regulations, and passenger safety and comfort. 

Customer solutions include:

  • complete door systems
  • door leaf design
  • door control units
  • design of components and assemblies
  • modernisation of rail vehicles

The design solution is verified by calculations and testing in our test room. This is an integral part of product development and an indicator of the reliability and durability of our products. We also pass the results from the test room to the certification bodies whose approval is necessary for the product.